17 years in business - see why our large pizza bags are better

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Oven Hot has been making Delivery Bags for over 17 years.  We make more models then anyone else in the industry.  We listen to our customers and make bags that fit their particular needs and also make custom bags. 

One of our newest bag fits the need for customers that deliver pizza for parties and schools. This bag comes in two sizes and holds 9 to 14 pizzas, box sizes range in height from 1 1/2" to 2 /1/ 4" which explains the number of pizza boxes each bag holds.  The reason these two models are unique Model PF10/1416S  and PF10/1618 is that the bags have a stiff center shelf in the middle of the bag and is supported by two hardboard sides you insert in the front of bag that opens by Velcro compartments.  These bag virtually eliminate crushed pizzas!
 pizza bag image
Features of the bags are listed below 
  • Model PF10/14/16S - 17" L x 17" W x23" H 
  • Model PF10/16/18S  - 19 1/4" L x 19 1/4" W x 23" H 
  • Color Black
  • Closure - 2 way heavy duty industrial zipper
  • Insulation - 2" Insulation all six sides
  • Top and side handles 
  • Hardboard side
  • Middle stiff shelf 
  • Interior material #210 PU coated Nylon
  • Exterior Material - Heavy Duty Fabric 
  • Six months manufactures warranty 
We look forward to your becoming a customer check out our web site www.ovenhot.com

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